About Everuss

Everuss is European business aviation provider. Based in Dublin offers tailor made solutions to private individuals and corporations alike. Major areas of business to include ground handling services and booking charter flights.
We are focusing on Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Being relatively small privately owned company Everuss is able to deliver its services at a fraction of a cost not compromising the quality.

Our expertise

Our experts equally professionally work on all activities of the company, whether it be ensuring flight of your personal aircraft, work on decrease in costs for its service, the order of a big charter flight or delivery aboard fresh flowers.

To choose and get the plane not easy, after all it is necessary to consider a set of important factors. All process from purchase business jet to its contents and operation is called management of the aircraft.

Today our company offers the clients all range of VIP services, the main and most demanded of which are: VIP-taxi order, Country house booking, Yacht rent, VIP-halls, Helicopter rent and other Vip services...

Whether it's a private or professional flight or flying for your first time, Everuss has you covered.